You want to invest your capital more aggressively in order to earn potentially higher performance possible for the risks involved. You can accept any degree of price volatility. The LPP/BVG-40 ESG portfolio meet your needs.


The portfolio:
  • may invest in all asset classes authorized by OPP2. The equity portion of the portfolio must comprise between 30% and 50% of the total assets;
  • seeks to achieve substantial capital appreciation in the long term;
  • offers high performance prospects;
  • has a significant risk profile.
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Investment portfolios

  • Preservation

    LPP/BVG-Short Term Money Market ESG

    You want to earn a stable return and preserve the value of your investment while taking into account environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria.


  • Security

    LPP/BVG-Short-Mid Term Bonds

    You attach considerable importance to preserving your capital and to security.


  • Defensive

    LPP/BVG-10 ESG

    You seek an attractive performance but want to limit the risk of depreciation in the amount of your capital.


  • Growth

    LPP/BVG-25 ESG

    You want to diversify your investments and can readily accept price fluctuations.


  • Flexibility

    LPP/BVG-Multi Asset Flexible

    You are looking for a portfolio that seeks to earn an absolute return in all market conditions.


  • Dynamic

    LPP/BVG-40 ESG

    You want to invest your capital so that it achieves the highest performance possible for the risks involved.


  • Offensive

    LPP/BVG-40 ESG

    You are looking to maximize the performance of your investment and are prepared to take significant risks.


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