Best global custodian bank rankings

Pictet has been consistently top-ranked by leading worldwide industry surveys for more than 20 years.

Top-ranked custodian bank for 20+ years

The quality of our asset services is the result of several decades of experience.  Pictet Asset Services is assessed every year and in 2021, we have been ranked best Global Custodian worldwide by R&M Consultants.

Best global custodian overall


R&M Consultants

Global Investor Group

2021 1st 2nd
2020 1st 1st
2019 1st 1st
2018 1st 3rd
2017 1st 1st
2016 1st 1st
2015 1st 2nd
2014 1st 2nd
2013 2nd 2nd
2012 2nd  2nd
2011 2nd 2nd
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