Best global custodian bank rankings

Pictet has been consistently top-ranked by leading worldwide industry surveys for more than 20 years.

Top-ranked custodian bank for 20+ years

The quality of our asset services is the result of several decades of experience. Pictet Asset Services is assessed every year and in 2022, we have been ranked best Global Custodian worldwide by Global Investor Group.

Best global custodian overall


R&M Consultants

Global Investor Group

2022 2nd 1st
2021 1st 2nd
2020 1st 1st
2019 1st 1st
2018 1st 3rd
2017 1st 1st
2016 1st 1st
2015 1st 2nd
2014 1st 2nd
2013 2nd 2nd
2012 2nd  2nd
2011 2nd 2nd

Global Custody Survey 2022 - Pictet on top

Switzerland’s Pictet won the 2022 edition of the survey’s global weighted category, with a total score of 16.52, climbing up from the third position last year. It also won in the same category in the unweighted part of the survey. It came in first place in the Asia-Pacific category, with a weighted score of 4.83 and 6.32 in the unweighted section, ahead of BNP Paribas. It was top in the Americas weighted list, though conceded the first place to RBC Investor & Treasury Services in the unweighted part. It was second in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region in both categories. The firm had the highest total average in the weighted part of the survey (5.49) and was in second place in its unweighted counterpart. Pictet was top custodian in 15 of the 21 service categories outlined in the survey, including cash management, corporate actions, execution services, income collections, and innovation and technology investment. It came second in the remainder, such as client services and relationship management. It was the top-rated supplier by global total in the weighted and unweighted sections where respondents used multiple custodians. It has the second highest average scores but led the lists in the Americas region. When it comes to respondents relying on single custodians, it had the highest average in the weighted sector, but was runner up in terms of global totals. It was the only firm to qualify in the Asia-Pacific region in that category.

Press release from Global Investor Group, 11 October 2022

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