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Delivering excellent client servicing and custody solutions

As an established and trusted leader in the industry, Pictet Asset Services takes pride in consistently being recognised for its commitment to delivering secure, transparent, and efficient custody solutions, as well as its high levels of client servicing and customer experience. Whether catering to IAMs (Independent Asset Managers) seeking private custody solutions or serving institutional clients in need of global custody services, our award-winning expertise sets us apart.

Global Investor and R&M surveys’ Best Global Custodian 2023

Pictet Asset Services climbs to the top of both R&M Surveys and Global Investor’s 2023 Rankings.

These surveys asked asset managers and other financial services clients to score their service provider, rating them on performance in categories such as corporate actions, reporting, settlement, safekeeping, and client service and account management. Pictet Asset Services ranked at the top position in the overall score for global custody services in both rankings in 2023, with significant mentions in tax reclaims, client relationship and settlement and safekeeping. As a global custodian, Pictet has consistently been ranked on the podium of leading worldwide industry surveys for over 20 years. The quality of our asset services is the result of several decades of experience.

We are facing turbulent times, both in Switzerland and globally. In Pictet’s long history, we have weathered external crises, always maintaining the highest-grade balance sheet assets and a very comfortable liquidity position. Our fortress goes beyond our financial strength, protecting our clients’ assets with industry leading cybersecurity and infrastructure.

— Marc Briol, CEO, Pictet Asset Services

Top rankings for over a decade

R&M Investor Services
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2024 ASV-ASWM Custody Bank awards 

In the private custody space, Pictet Asset Services had the pleasure of receiving recognition in two significant categories at the latest ASV-ASWM Custody Bank awards in Compliance and Reputation & Image categories. These prizes were a result of a thorough evaluation of custodians by 40 Swiss members (IAMs) managing over 1 billion CHF each, and totaling over 115 billion CHF in assets, highlights Pictet Asset Services' achievements. Receiving these prestigious awards demonstrates Pictet Asset Services' excellence in providing exceptional custody services to independent asset managers. Moreover, the recognition of Pictet's positive image and commitment to regulatory compliance also embodies the Pictet Group’s commitment to stability.

The first award, in the realm of reputation and image, acknowledges our outstanding efforts in building a strong and positive brand. This recognition reflects Pictet's commitment to maintaining a stellar reputation in the financial industry. This endeavour is crucial for establishing trust and attracting clients, both in the professional B2B segment and their end-clients in the B2C space.

The second award, in compliance, underscores Pictet's dedication to upholding the highest standards of regulatory compliance. This recognition highlights our unwavering commitment to ethical practices and adherence to regulatory frameworks, all while delivering active and pragmatic support to our clients in this field. By prioritizing compliance, Pictet solidifies its position as a trusted and responsible financial institution.

2024 Luxembourg Wealth Management awards by Hubfinance

Pictet Asset Services was honored at the Luxembourg Wealth Management Awards, receiving three awards.

The awards were determined by votes from 500 participants, including Asset Managers, Wealth Managers, and Family Offices. They are a testament to Pictet's dedication to delivering exceptional service to investors. Our client partnership model and outstanding employees have contributed to our leadership in private custody within the Luxembourg banking industry.

  • Best B2B Customer Experience

    This is the overall average of the 16 combined criteria - Pictet obtained the highest overall score based on a comprehensive evaluation of the offering, processes, team skills, and major corporate dimensions (financial strength, ESG, reputation, recognition).

  • Best Investor Experience

    This award refers to the overall interactions and services provided to investor clients by the financial institution. It encompasses not only the traditional or innovative aspects of wealth and investment management but also the overall client experience when interacting with the Bank, whether through human or automated interactions. The primary goal of Investor Experience is to ensure highly personalised service that meets the highest market standards.

  • Back-Office Excellence

    This award refers to the efficiency and quality of the operations and processes that support the front-office activities of the bank, as well as their continuous optimisation. Accuracy, compliance, and diligence in processing are essential sub-criteria. From a technological perspective, process automation, improvement of data management systems, as well as personnel development and training to ensure optimal performance were considered.

About the Pictet Group

The Pictet Group is sensitive to any activities, interests or relationships that might interfere with, or even appear to interfere with, its ability to act fairly and in the best interests of its clients, and puts long-term interests ahead of short-term gains. The Bank is committed to identifying and mitigating or avoiding potential conflicts of interest in its business activities whenever the potential for damage to clients arises, or the appearance thereof.

Pictet implements appropriate measures such as segregation of functions, internal directives, training, monitoring, management reporting, counterparty selection or outsourcing, adapted product design, client disclosures and/or contractual arrangements, client compensation or declining to act for a client. Every employee who believes that they, or the Group, are faced with a potential conflict of interest, is encouraged to proactively disclose and address it, or decline the corresponding business. Within the context of exercising our responsible investment activities, for example, we may face firmwide conflicts of interest when voting against management of a company who is a client, or whose pension scheme or senior management are clients of Pictet Wealth Management. Likewise, personal conflicts of interest may arise.

Every employee is responsible for identifying and escalating potential conflicts of interest so that they may be appropriately managed and resolved. All of our staff are required to undertake regular training to  ensure they are aware of their obligations and ad-here to this policy.

Created by two young bankers in 1805 in Geneva, Pictet today has offices across Europe, Asia, America and the Middle East. As one of the most prestigious private banks in Switzerland, we manage individual and family wealth for more than 200 years. 

Over the years we have grown our reputation for offering our clients a bespoke and premium service. We hold some of the highest ratings in the banking sector, attesting to our best private banking status.

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