You want to diversify your investments and can readily accept price fluctuations. You expect a higher performance than the LPP/BVG-10 portfolio and are thus willing to incur higher risks. The LPP/BVG-25 ESG portfolio meets your needs.


The portfolio:
  • may invest in all asset classes authorised by OPP2. The equity portion of the portfolio must comprise between 15% and 35% of the total assets;
  • offers attractive diversification;
  • seeks to earn attractive returns
    over time;
  • has a higher risk profile than the
    LPP/BVG-10 ESG portfolio as 25% of
    the portfolio on average is invested
    in equities.
Performance - Class P
(Price of one share as of
Portfolio NAV YTD
Performance - Class I
(Price of one share as of
Portfolio NAV YTD
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