Latest performance

Performance of Pictet Individual Pension Foundation (3rd Pillar A)

Performance of portfolios - Class P
(Price of one share as of
Portfolio NAV YTD
Historical performance (2019-2021) - Class P
  2021 2020 2019
LPP/BVG-Short-Mid Term Bonds -0.20% -0.63% -0.27%
LPP/BVG-10 ESG   0.83%   1.61%   6.21%
LPP/BVG-25 ESG   3.52%   3.25%   9.24%
LPP/BVG-Multi Asset Flexible   2.03%   6.09%   8.45%
LPP/BVG-40 ESG   7.10%   4.58% 12.69%
LPP/BVG-60 ESG*   4.08%      -      -

* The LPP/BVG-60 ESG was launched on 1 June 2021.

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