Privileged access to our in-house trading experts

Our teams place all trades on behalf of clients directly on financial markets. Clients are therefore more likely to secure the best price available and maximise their return.

To ensure that we respond efficiently to our custody client needs, all orders are channelled through a dedicated team of sales traders. They in turn are responsible for applying first-class execution principles across the whole product range: equities, fixed income, foreign exchange, derivatives, structured products, mutual funds and hedge funds.

Advantages of our trading expert services

24-hour access to a dedicated trading desk (Geneva, London, Montreal, Singapore) and execution capabilities

First-class execution by our trading experts for forex, equities, bonds, derivatives, OTC

Highly competitive brokerage commissions

Achieving competitive executions

No settlement fees for transactions carried out through Pictet

Reduced settlement administration and risk

Greater revenue potential from lending securities

Independent market views and trading ideas

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