Wealth management in the UK

Wealth management

For more than 200 years, Pictet has been helping individuals, families, and charities protect and grow their wealth and preserve it for future generations. We remain dedicated to this approach today.


Wealth management

How we can help you

Pictet Wealth Management has provided high-quality wealth management services in the UK since 1980. Our in-depth knowledge of the local market, combined with our global reach, enables us to develop tailor-made solutions to meet the needs of each of our clients.

Partnership is central to our approach. From the outset of our relationship, we take the time to listen and understand you. This allows us to build carefully constructed investment solutions based on your specific needs. We thoughtfully develop bespoke solutions in response to your individual circumstances rather than taking a product-led approach.

  • Preserve and protect your wealth

    A successful legacy is built on developing the right architecture for managing and transmitting your wealth. Our guidance includes family advisory services, wealth planning, private funds, credit and philanthropy services.

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  • Invest your wealth strategically

    An investment strategy must reflect your ambitions and priorities, and the degree to which you want to be involved. We offer extensive investment capabilities that are tailored to suit you and available across markets and asset classes.

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  • Manage your wealth seamlessly

    Do you need simple and flexible oversight and a coherent operational platform to manage your financial life efficiently? Our consolidated reporting, digital tools and banking services can help you monitor your investments easily and stay in control.

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About Pictet Wealth Management

Pictet is a community of independent-minded investment professionals, working in partnership with wealthy individuals and families worldwide.

As an owner-managed private bank, our independence and stability enable us to focus solely on meeting the long-term needs of our clients without pressure from external shareholders or creditors. Having no retail or investment banking activities frees us to focus on our core business: managing your wealth.

  • 234
    BN GBP
    Assets under management*
  • 22
    Offices worldwide
  • 590+
    Investment professionals

*Figures as of 31 March 2024


Pictet is proud to sponsor

Pictet Wealth Management is proud to collaborate with various organisations in the UK. Our partnerships reflect our passions and those of our clients – providing opportunities for us to bring valuable expertise to our partners as well as helping support wider business and entrepreneurial ecosystems in the UK. 

  • Royal Academy of Arts

    Supporting exciting exhibitions and the artists behind them.

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  • FEBE Growth

    Supporting the very best UK entrepreneurs and their businesses.

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  • Founders Pledge

    A global community of entrepreneurs finding and funding solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

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Podcast | How does the dynamic duality of art and investment act as a catalyst for change?

Inspired by Bettina Korek's impassioned words upon becoming the CEO of the Serpentine, we explore the gallery's ethos, encompassing innovation, interdisciplinary fluidity, and an unwavering commitment to the future. These values are complemented by those of Dina de Angelo, Team Lead for Pictet Wealth Management UK, who champions investment as a force for social good. Together, we see how both worlds are integral in shaping our tomorrow.

The event welcomed:
  • Bettina Korek is Chief Executive of Serpentine, an arts institution in London’s Kensington Gardens whose programme has built new connections between art and society since 1970. 
  • Dina de Angelo is Team Leader - Private Banking Business Development, was educated in Italy and the US where she graduated from university with majors in Economics, Art History and French.

Wealth management insights

Working towards a sustainable future

  • A responsible vision

    With the world's challenges, we need to move swiftly to a more resilient and sustainable economy. Pictet has long believed that the financial system has a role to play in this transition — investing in those firms committed to building a better future, using our influence to advocate for positive change and advising our clients accordingly.

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  • Environmental stewardship

    Our environmental approach is driven by the understanding that our activities have an impact on the environment and that we have a responsibility to reduce this impact wherever possible.

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  • Aiming to be responsible

    For decades, sustainability has been central to our way of thinking. Pictet Wealth Management believes in responsible capitalism and takes an enlarged view of the economy and its interactions with society and the natural environment.

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Global Private Banking Awards

In 2023, Pictet Wealth Management was awarded ‘Best Private Bank in Europe’ and ‘Best Private Bank in Switzerland’ (for the 12th year running) by the jury at the Financial Times Group Global Private Banking Awards 2023. The awards underline Pictet’s financial solidity, the success of its business model, its commitment to the long term and its efforts to develop a strong brand that underpins its values. The Global Private Banking Awards are based on an in-depth analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data gathered from several hundred private banks, wealth managers and family offices operating worldwide.

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