As NASA prepares to return to the moon, entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos inspire a new generation with breath-taking space technologies and promises to make us an multi-planet species. But will space continue to inspire wonder in humanity for generations to come, or will the conquest of the cosmos transport our worst tendencies to the stars?

Joining us for our journey into space are Ariel Ekblaw, Founder and Director of the MIT Space Exploration Initiative, and author of Into the Anthropocosmos; Alan Lightman, novelist, essayist, and the first joint professor in literature and astrophysics, also at MIT, and Luciano Diana, Equity Partner of the Pictet Group. Giorgio Cremonesi, Head of Global Marketing Solutions for Pictet Wealth Management, moderates.

Appearing in this episode

Ariel Ekblaw is Founder and Director of the MIT Space Exploration Initiative at the MIT Media Lab. Her work has been featured in WIRED, MIT Technology Review, Harvard Business Review, the Wall Street Journal, and IASS and AIAA proceedings, and on the BBC, CNN, and NPR. She is the author of Into the Anthropocosmos: A Whole Space Catalog From the MIT Space Exploration Initiative.

Alan Lightman is a novelist, essayist, physicist, and educator. Currently, he is Professor of the Practice of the Humanities at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Until 2003, he was John Burchard Professor of the Humanities at MIT.

Luciano Diana joined Pictet Asset Management in 2009 and is a Senior Investment Manager in the Thematic Equities team. He has been co-managing the Global Environmental Opportunities strategy since its inception in 2014. Prior to that Luciano co-managed the Pictet Clean Energy Strategy from 2009 to 2016. Before joining Pictet, Luciano spent four years at Morgan Stanley, where he headed the London based clean energy sell-side research team.


Giorgio Cremonesi is Head of Global Marketing Solutions for Pictet Wealth Management. Before joining Pictet in 2016, he worked for J.P. Morgan Private Bank, based in London. Giorgio brings a decade of experience in products distribution, investment content management and business innovation. He is passionate about economics, geopolitics and innovation at large. Giorgio holds a Master Degree in economics from Bocconi University.

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