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Our Wealth and Investment Solutions teams work closely together to deliver a unique and integrated experience that stays true to our tradition of excellence in wealth management.

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A holistic approach

Family advisory

Partnering with you and your family

We organise your wealth, define goals and build your own governance systems. We help families build their own governance model. This enables you to design decision-making processes, define roles and responsibilities, and anchor the principles that guide your family, wealth, business and ownership interests. We have designed the service for multi-generational families whose members own assets in common and want to protect them in a way that preserves and nurtures family relationships.

Family Constitution

The Family Constitution, or Family Charter, is the centerpiece of the family governance system. It encapsulates the family DNA (family history, values, mission) and defines the guidelines and parameters to help the family make decisions about the use and investment of its wealth, all the while preserving family relationships.

Philanthropy services

A partner on your journey

Whether you are just starting out or are well down the philanthropic path, whether an individual or a family, we can be your partner on your journey from exploration to implementation.

Meaning different things to different people, from donations to social finance, be it tried and tested or bold and visionary, philanthropy is essentially a desire to mobilise private wealth to help build a more sustainable and equitable world.

Through a tailor-made advisory approach, we partner with individuals and families who want to do exactly that, use their wealth to create positive change. And leveraging expertise across Pictet, from Responsible Investing to Wealth Planning, we can help with everything from structuring your philanthropy, to mission aligned investing solutions.

Philanthropy impact papers

Our Philanthropy Impact Papers are a series of tailored guides written specifically for philanthropists and their families. Their objective is to help clarify and answer some of the most common questions asked and challenges faced to help make private philanthropy easier and more impactful.

From tradition to modernity — Eight ways that Asian philanthropy is evolving

Anchoring your philanthropic efforts in Asia — Whether and where to set up your philanthropic vehicle

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Responsible investing

The Pictet Group Foundation

Prix Pictet

Wealth planning

Using a systematic approach to tax, legal and structuring needs, presenting the best options for wealth structuring, estate planning, business succession and sale, relocation as well as international tax and legal services. Through our Wealth Planning services we systematically assess your situation, review your needs and concerns, and propose innovative solutions to manage your wealth. Together, we devise a plan that not only meets your immediate and medium-term objectives, but those of future generations of your family.

  • Tax & Legal

    Tax and legal issues are becoming increasingly complex, so we monitor international legislation such as double taxation treaties and international private law to stay ahead of changes and provide you with the best possible planning.

  • Wealth structuring

    After thoroughly analysing your situation, where we conclude that existing legal arrangements are inadequate to your needs, we restructure your wealth. We are experts in handling trusts, foundations, life assurance, investment funds and corporations.

  • Estate planning

    Our long experience in advising clients on estate planning, combined with our 200+ year history as a family owned bank, has given us tremendous insight into how to successfully transfer a business, money or any other type of assets to your heirs.

  • Business succession and sale

    We can help you through the entire process of business succession and sale and work with you to determine the most appropriate solution for your needs.

  • Relocation

    Our experts are here to discuss and analyse the impact of relocation, including potential legal- and tax-related inconveniences and obstacles that may arise from moving abroad.

  • Financial product taxation

    We identify the local tax constraints in helping you select the most tax-efficient financial products.

Private funds

Consolidating wealth in regulated private fund structures

Private funds provide economies of scale and strong portfolio protection. A private fund is a regulated structure aiming to consolidate an individual’s or family’s assets and that invests in one or more discretionary strategies. They are generally aimed at wealthy families, family offices, foundations or trusts willing to consolidate their assets in a single place. Our private funds services include custody, trading, fund administration and governance.



Providing flexible lending solutions for new endeavours

We provide Lombard loans to clients whose assets are managed by Pictet or are held in custody by the bank. Lombard loans are secured against your existing assets. The loan-to-value granted by Pictet will depend on the type of underlying assets in your portfolio.

We offer a wide range of credit options, tailored to your specific requirements (maturity, currency, credit type and interest rate). We can also connect you with well-regarded external providers if you have specialist financing needs, such as for art, jets or yachts, or real estate.

Secured loans are available if you are an existing client.

About Pictet

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