Pictet continues to expand in Germany

Pictet continues to expand in Germany

The Swiss Pictet Group has announced today that it is to open an office in Stuttgart.

Legally speaking, the new Stuttgart office will be a branch of Pictet & Cie (Europe) S.A.'s registered office in Frankfurt. Pictet (Europe) S.A., with its head office in Luxembourg, operates as the parent company for all of the Pictet Group's banking activities in Europe. The Frankfurt office coordinates these activities in Germany.

Marc Pictet, one of the Pictet Group's Managing Partners, commented on the new branch opening: "Three years after the successful opening of our offices in Munich, the Stuttgart office is the next logical step in our development. It underlines the growing overall importance of Germany within the European market and for the Pictet Group. In a consolidating industry, this expansion means we remain anticyclical."

Armin Eiche, CEO, Pictet & Cie (Europe) S.A., Niederlassung Deutschland, added: “In this region, with its entrepreneurial spirit, we feel there is great demand for an entrepreneurial bank that prides itself on its sense of tradition and international expertise and focuses on what it does best: asset management. This combination is clearly our unique selling point.”

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