TA Investor Onboarding Tool

In a nutshell

The Fund Library website

The Fund Library is designed for fund investors. The platform gives every investor easy access to the main funds resources, including: 

  • the latest NAVs, and
  • regulatory marketing documentation (prospectus, KIID/KID, annual reports, etc.).

The Fund Library includes only funds under administration with FundPartner Solutions.

The website also serves as a portal to the onboarding platform if an investor wishes to go ahead with a transaction. The current version of the onboarding tool helps your investor access the relevant information and find the appropriate forms or templates to open an account with FPS TA Register. 

The templates and documentation required are tailored to the investor’s profile thanks to information gathered with a few of brief questions. 

The onboarding process then continues when all the relevant documentation is sent to FPS TA Register by your investor for an initial review of the request.

Key features

Access to a dynamic list of funds tailored to the investor profile

The list of funds available to your investor is dynamic and depends on their profile and location (information gather on the front page of the website).

Direct access to funds legal documents

The main documents for each fund are available: prospectus, KIID, annual and semi-annual reports, articles of incorporation. Documents are available in the official language(s) of country or countries in which the fund is registered.

Look up the latest NAV for a fund

The latest NAV is provided for each fund.

Open an account for any fund you wish to invest in

In a few clicks, investors can download all the forms that need to be filled in to open an account with FPS Transfer Agency. A list of the documents required is also available for download on the platform.

More details

The TA Investors Onboarding Tool can be accessed directly from the PAS Fund Library website. Investors can open an account for any fund listed in the Fund Library and which they wish to invest in.

Once on the funds list, investors can click on “Open an account” to start the process. 

While the investor answers a few brief questions, the platform refines their profile. 

At the end of the process, all the appropriate forms and information required to open an account with the TA are made available to the investor. Documentation and information tailored to the investor’s profile are available for display and download.

Once the documents have been downloaded, investors can fill them in and send all documentation by e-mail to the FPS TA Register Team (FPS_TA_REGISTER@pictet.com). They will then contact your investor after an initial review of the request.

The FPS TA Register team remains available to help investors complete the procedure. 


Your Client Relationship Manager remains at your disposal for any further information.

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