Pictet corporate ratings

Pictet corporate ratings

Rating agencies play a key role in the world of international finance by enabling financial institutions to evaluate the credit quality of their counterparties.

Ratings of Banque Pictet & Cie SA

According to FitchRatings and Moody’s Investors Service, two of the major international rating agencies, Pictet’s ratings, shown below, are among the highest in the banking industry.

Long Term Deposit Rating
Short Term Deposit RatingP-1 
Adjusted Baseline Credit Assessmenta1

Moody’s Long Term Deposit Rating was assigned in 2009 and upgraded to Aa2 in 2015.

Long Term Issuer Default Rating (LT IDR)AA-
Short Term Issuer Default Rating (ST IDR)F1+ 
Viability Rating (VR)aa- 

Fitch LT IDR has remained unchanged since the rating was assigned in 2005.

These ratings attest to Pictet’s financial solidity. Our capital and liquidity bases are significantly larger than what is required by Swiss banking regulations, which are among the most stringent in the world. The high ratings additionally reflect Pictet’s consistent strategy and management, exemplary asset quality, high profitability and its position as one of the largest Swiss wealth and asset managers. Although these ratings are assigned to Banque Pictet & Cie SA, they are based on an assessment of the consolidated Group and thus reflect the credit strength of the firm as a whole.

You can find more details about our current capital position, which places us among the strongest financial firms globally, in our document about financial solidity and other protections for client assets.

Ratings reaffirmed


Pictet’s Aa2 rating, with a stable outlook, is affirmed by Moody’s. Already among the highest rated banks in the world, Pictet is also one of the few that has maintained a stable outlook through the pandemic. In a press release issued on 4 February 2022, Moody’s Investors Service stated the following reasons for their rating decision.

Extracts from the press release

“The affirmation … reflects [Pictet’s] very stable and growing global franchise in wealth management, further extended by asset management and asset servicing operations… growing expertise in alternative assets, including private debt and equity, offers investment opportunities in addition to liquid financial assets.”
“… Pictet’s [stand-alone rating], which is among the highest Moody’s assigns to banks globally, reflects the bank’s and the group’s … very limited lending risks, as well as their continued strong and high-quality capitalisation. This is further complemented by a highly liquid balance sheet.”


On 28 July 2023, FitchRatings reaffirmed Banque Pictet & Cie SA’s (BPSA) Long-Term Issuer Default Rating (IDR) at ‘AA-’ with a Stable Outlook, and Viability Rating(VR) at ‘aa-’.

Extracts from the press release

“Banque Pictet is the Geneva-based main operating bank of the Pictet Group, and its ratings are driven by the group's strong financial profile, as well as its conservative risk profile and stable business model.”
“Pictet is one of Switzerland's largest wealth managers. Its business model has continued to perform well in recent years. While the business model is confidence-sensitive, Pictet's long operational record, sound financial profile and strong liquidity demonstrate its ability to manage this risk extremely well.”
“Pictet's securities portfolio represented 44% of total assets at end-2022 and is predominantly invested in highly rated sovereign, public-sector and supranational debt.”
“The Group's consolidated CET1 ratio of 27.1% at end-2022 was comfortably in excess of regulatory requirements. ”
“Central bank placements and a high-quality securities portfolio represented half of total assets end-2022, reflecting the group's conservative liquidity management”.
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