Experienced professionals

Experienced professionals

Pictet offers ambitious career professionals multiple opportunities to expand your horizons, stretch your goals and find fresh challenges.

Career opportunities for ambitious professionals

With over 5,000 people, Pictet is a stable business with a growing presence worldwide. Apart from wealth and asset management, job opportunities include related business activities, such as trading, fund administration and operations, information technology, logistics, finance, and others. For many of our own professionals, joining Pictet has been a transformative career experience. If you are an ambitious professional, perhaps, Pictet may be the place for you.

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Internal mobility

At Pictet, we encourage internal mobility, not only because it increases opportunities for development but also because it enhances knowledge-sharing and cooperation across the Group. Each year dozens of new positions are offered internally before they are made public.

With 30 offices in 18 countries worldwide, there are opportunities for qualified and adaptable employees to gain international exposure through short/long-term secondments, permanent transfers, and temporary commuting. International assignments are always stimulating and demanding, driven as they are by changing business needs and the global nature of our activities.

We want to promote mobility not only within our departments and business lines, but also within our offices worldwide. There is no doubt that it brings value in the long term.
— Renaud de Planta, former Managing Partner

Recruitment process

Selection and interview

Your application will be reviewed by HR and business line managers. If you are shortlisted, you will have a series of interviews that will allow us to assess your potential fit with the position. It is also an opportunity for you to judge whether you are a good match for Pictet.

As you join

In the first weeks after your arrival you will join an introductory programme specific to your business line or function. This will allow you to learn more about the Pictet Group, get to know your new colleagues and other employees across the Group.


After eight years working in Compliance, Thierry joined the Human Resources team in 2016 as a specialist in operational risks and compliance. He talks about his internal transfer and imparts some precious advice.

Learning and relearning through internal mobility

Internal mobility gave me the chance to change career and challenge myself, while remaining in a familiar and dependable environment. I've built something new and developed my internal network with some enriching contacts. The most exciting thing is learning and relearning. It’s also part of the reason I’ve stayed at Pictet for 22 years!


Developing by learning new skills

Mobility also goes hand in hand with an opportunity to develop new skills: when I moved to Compliance in 2009, I was able to study for a Certificate of Advanced Studies at the University of Geneva. It was demanding because I was working in parallel. But now thanks to this training, I have a legal grounding and have been able to forge a network in this field.


How to make internal mobility work

Be open-minded, have a bit of happy-go-lucky attitude, know that you're going to learn a lot and be willing to adopt new ways of doing things.

Be brave, overcome any apprehension you might feel about going into a new field and grasp the new opportunities. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Be optimistic, go in with the right frame of mind and ensure you have the resources you need to succeed. One always knows what we're leaving behind but never what we stand to gain.

Be grateful, consider mobility as an opportunity to learn and expand your network. Recognise that we're fortunate to work for a group that offers people the chance to work in a number of different professions.

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