For 217 years we have invested in our people. What have we learnt? That our success, both present and future, depends not only on those already with us, but also on those who join us today.

What we offer

We offer attractive career opportunities with a long-term perspective across a wide range of business activities, locations and experience levels.

We are looking for talented individuals and are committed to helping them continue their development and training.

Thriving at Pictet

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity goes hand in hand with inclusion — that is, making each employee feel valued and giving each a voice in daily business

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Learning and Development

Learning is a competitive advantage and we want to be a human-centric organisation with an entrepreneurial spirit and continuous staff development.

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Responsible employer

Strengthening the notion of partnership between employees and the company, as well as creating a lasting relationship of trust between the company and clients.

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Becoming part of Pictet

Our employees share their impressions of Pictet before they joined and what they found once they started work here.

More videos

Watch our video interviews and portraits and discovermore about Pictet through the eyes of its employees here

Awards and rankings

Most attractive employers ranking

In the 2022 Universum survey for students, Pictet ranked 40th of the most attractive employers in Switzerland and 16th for professionals.

We are particularly proud of these results, as they show the efforts made in recent years with university recruiting and in social media to be considered as an employer of choice.

Pictet best employer in French-speaking Switzerland in the “Banks” category

Our efforts to become an ‘Employer of Choice’ and the numerous HR initiatives put in place in recent years, in particular in terms of diversity, paternity leave, internal mobility, recording working hours and flexibility at work policy, have therefore been rewarded with this excellent 1st place. In addition, Pictet ranks 10th in the top best employers (all industries combined).

Il Gruppo Pictet

Siamo una delle principali case d’investimento indipendenti, con una esperienza di oltre 200 anni nella gestione degli investimenti globali. Come investitori a lungo termine, miriamo a indirizzare il capitale verso l'economia reale in modo da migliorare lo stato del Pianeta. Lo facciamo costruendo partnership responsabili con i nostri clienti e con le imprese in cui investiamo. 

Patrimoni in gestione o custodia*
Quoziente di capitale totale**
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Collaboratori (equivalenti a tempo pieno)

*Cifre al 30 settembre 2022
**Cifre al 31 dicembre 2021


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