Pictet awarded Best Private Bank in Switzerland and in Europe

Pictet awarded Best Private Bank in Switzerland and in Europe

Recognised as an innovative leader in the private banking sector, Pictet Wealth Management has been awarded ‘Best Private Bank in Europe’ and ‘Best Private Bank in Switzerland’ (for the 12th year running) at the prestigious 2023 Global Private Banking Awards.

Global Private Banking Awards

Created in 2009, the Financial Times Group Global Private Banking Awards acknowledge the commitment to the private banking sector. Respected private banks from all over the world participate in the awards, which encompass a diverse range of categories such as Best Digital Private Bank, Best Private Bank for Entrepreneurs and Best Private Banks in Switzerland. Reaffirming our dedication to providing unparalleled financial services to our discerning clientele, Pictet is proud to be the winner in two categories: Best Private Bank in Europe and Best Private Bank in Switzerland. This demonstrates Pictet’s commitment to enduring quality in wealth management

What indicators are considered for the Best Private Bank award?

Each bank submits its Key Performance Indicators for consideration by a panel of expert judges with a valued reputation in the private banking sector.

These KPIs include:

  • Major achievements
  • Growth strategies
  • Improvements in business models
  • Customer service
  • Staff retention.
We are honoured to have been named Best Private Bank in Europe and Switzerland. These awards are an acknowledgement of Pictet Wealth Management’s growth strategy which focuses on bringing the highest level of financial and investment expertise to our clients, across our European markets as well as our home market in Switzerland.
— Boris Lovenfosse, Deputy Head of PWM Europe

Best private banks in Switzerland

Receiving this award as the leader of the top private banks in Switzerland for the twelfth consecutive year demonstrates Pictet’s commitment to the delivery of excellence in wealth management.

  • Private banking in Switzerland

    Private banking is a bespoke financial service catering to  individuals and families looking for exclusive financial solutions. Swiss private banks hold an esteemed reputation within the global financial sector, rooted in a legacy of stability and financial expertise.

    Pictet has offices in Geneva, Zurich, Lausanne and Basel. We deliver a high level of personal attention which addresses the unique needs of our unique clients. Private banks are governed by a regulatory framework that prioritises the highest standards, making Switzerland a preferred destination for clients seeking the best private bank environment. 

  • Pictet private banking services

    As a leading Swiss private banks since 1805, we have been helping private clients and family offices preserve and protect their wealth, invest their wealth strategically, and manage their wealth seamlessly.

    Services for individuals and families

About the Pictet Group

Created by two young bankers in 1805 in Geneva, Pictet today has offices across Europe, Asia, America and the Middle East. As one of the most prestigious private banks in Switzerland, we manage individual and family wealth for more than 200 years. 

Over the years we have grown our reputation for offering our clients a bespoke and premium service. We hold some of the highest ratings in the banking sector, attesting to our best private banking status.

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