Championing Health Innovation

Championing Health Innovation

Will humankind be able to detect cancers long before they affect one's health? From telemedicine to wearable devices, and artificial intelligence to genomics, the health innovation space is buzzing with exciting developments that promise to improve outcomes and quality of life across the globe.

Listen to our latest Found in Conversation episode ‘Championing Health Innovation’ as we explore the future of medicine and delve into the latest advancements, technologies and investment opportunities shaping the biotech and health industries. Joining are Sangeeta N.Bhatia, MIT's medical engineering professor and biotech entrepreneur, Lydia Haueter Senior Investment Manager at Pictet Asset Management, and David Braga Malta Private Equity Health Strategist at Pictet Alternative Advisors. This episode is moderated by Hubertus Kuelps, Equity Partner at Pictet Group.

Podcast overview

  1. Assessing the Current State of Healthcare industry: Exploring how technology could serve as a solution to these problems and enhance the overall delivery of care.
  2. Cutting-Edge Health Innovations: Delving into the most promising areas of health technology, such as telemedicine, digital diagnostics, and genomics. Examining their potential to transform the healthcare industry for the better.
  3. Addressing Healthcare Challenges: Examining specific challenges in healthcare and how technology could be utilized to resolve these issues, including access to care, cost, and quality of care. By doing so, we shed light on the role technology could play in overcoming the obstacles faced by the healthcare industry.

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