Monitoring portfolio’s ESG risk

New Pictet analysis and reporting platform allows investors to monitor their portfolio’s ESG risk

Pictet Asset Services, the asset servicing business line of the Pictet Group, has created a platform to monitor and steer ESG risk exposures beyond regulatory requirements.

The ESG risk report allows external asset managers and institutional clients to monitor their portfolios’ ESG risks with a detailed environmental, social and governance risk analysis as well as carbon and physical risk analysis.

The report delivers transparency about the top and worst risk contributors which allows investors to rebalance portfolios along individual strategic ESG goals. Clients also have the option to monitor controversy exposure as outlined by their governance framework and in harmony with the interests of stakeholders.

The ESG data used to run the platform is sourced from currently three independent global providers1 and covers an extensive universe of close to 20,000 companies (equities and bonds) worldwide. The report is systematically updated to track evolving ESG risks and client needs.

“We are pleased to be able to capitalize on the Pictet Group’s strong ESG expertise to offer this value-added service for all custody and fund clients of Pictet Asset Services. With this newly launched ESG risk report, we extend our service offering beyond regulatory support services and offer our clients the possibility to get an overview of the ESG impact of their portfolio,” says Marc Briol, CEO of Pictet Asset Services.


Isabelle Düblin
Pictet Group Corporate Communications
+41 58 323 7794

1 Sustainalytics, Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s ESG Solutions.
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