Stability. Our answer to global instability.

In our long history, we have weathered external crises and protected our clients by focusing on our strengths, marshalling our resources and keeping our eyes firmly fixed on the long term. Rarely have these virtues been more relevant.

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Pictet: a fortress for its clients

Successfully managing economic crises, shocks to society and political upheavals has been a regular part of our story since 1805. This resilience owes much to the model of governance in place for over two centuries – a partnership. We do not have shareholder pressure, but we are perfectly happy with client pressure.

  • Partnership and long term thinking

    Pictet is a private firm usually led by between seven and nine Partners who are both owners and managers.

    The Partners span several generations and remain for 20-25 years on average. As a result, they are able to plan and take decisions looking decades ahead, not just the next few months. More details on our partnership model can be found here.

    This capability to focus on thinking, planning and developing for the long term has always allowed Pictet to implement its strategy as it wishes without coming under pressure from outside forces.

    This is one of the reasons why Pictet has always placed the greatest importance on the rock-solid strength of its balance sheet.

  • Stability in times of uncertainty

    The Group operates with levels of capital well above those required by both Swiss and international capital-adequacy regulations. It can also rely on having the highest-grade balance sheet assets and a very comfortable liquidity position, resulting in Pictet being awarded some of the top ratings possible. You can find much more detail about our current capital position, which places us among the strongest financial firms globally, in our financial solidity document.

    Pictet’s business model  proves its worth in times of uncertainty. It is underpinned by a disciplined approach to risk management, but the model also places great emphasis on clients’ long-term needs as opposed to the pursuit of short-term gains.

    Being a fortress means the Group will continue to develop at a measured and controlled pace, to ensure consistency in its corporate culture, the stability of its teams and, the high standards of client service it provides.

    Find out about our financial performance for the year and get a glimpse into our culture in our Annual Review.

In our Ambition 2025 strategic plan, our focus is on investment leadership, on our strength, security and resilience as a group, and on accelerating our initiatives as a responsible firm. We want to be a force for good, a role model for this and future generations.
— Renaud de Planta, former Managing Partner of the Pictet Group

About Pictet

We are an independent investment partnership known for our long-term mindset, responsible approach to business and entrepreneurial spirit. These principles have defined us since 1805. For our clients, colleagues, and wider society, we always aim to do the right thing and honour our commitment to enduring quality.

  • 721
    BN EUR
    Assets under management or custody*
  • 29.0
    Total capital ratio**
  • 198
    Liquidity coverage ratio**
  • 5400+
    Full-time equivalent employees

*Figure as of 30 June 2024
**Figures as of 31 December 2023

What we do

  • Wealth management

    Private banking and related services to help individuals and families protect, grow and control their wealth and preserve it for future generations.

    Our solutions

  • Asset management

    Investment management across a range of capabilities, including thematic equities, alternative investments, multi asset and emerging markets.

    Our capabilities

  • Alternative investments

    Experts in private equity, private debt, real estate and hedge funds, managing over USD 50 billion in assets across nine investment offices

    Our approach

  • Asset services

    Standard and bespoke custody, fund and trading solutions, in addition to cash and securities settlements, corporate actions, valuations and reporting.

    Our services

Who we serve

Clients come to Pictet for the attention, time, and expertise our teams give them. They appreciate the difference it makes to work with an independent firm aligned around their interests, with no pressures from external shareholders.

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