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Timeless values. Unconventional thinking.

Pictet is a leading independent investment firm with more than two hundred years’ experience from our home in Switzerland, and forty years in Asia. 

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About Pictet

We are an independent investment partnership known for our long-term mindset, responsible approach to business and entrepreneurial spirit. These principles have defined us since 1805. For our clients, colleagues, and wider society, we always aim to do the right thing and honour our commitment to enduring quality.

  • 694
    BN CHF
    Assets under management or custody*
  • 29.0
    Total capital ratio**
  • 198
    Liquidity coverage ratio**
  • 5400+
    Full-time equivalent employees

*Figure as of 30 June 2024
**Figures as of 31 December 2023

  • The Partners of the Pictet Group

    Pictet is a partnership of seven owner-managers responsible for the entire activity of the Group. Our principles of succession and transmission of ownership have remained unchanged since foundation in 1805.

    Our partnership model

  • History of Pictet

    Our story is one of resourcefulness and renewal, drawing on the perspective of our history. Always ready to adapt to changing circum­stances, the thrust of our strategy is towards con­tinuity, stability and sustainability to the enduring advantage of our clients.

    Stories from the past

  • The Pictet lion

    The Pictet Group’s logo famously includes a ‘lion issant’, known affectionately as Leo. The lion first appeared in the early 17th century on the coat of arms of the Pictet family, rearing above the ramparts of the old city walls of Geneva – a symbol of strength, courage and defiance.

    The Pictet lion and logo evolution

  • Pictet in Asia

    Pictet has been in Asia for 40 years, and has steadily expanded its business footprint, taking a long term focus in both our investments and our business, to the lasting benefit of all our stakeholders and the Group.

    Our 40-year journey

Awards and recognition

We are grateful for external recognition, but it does not distract us from our focus: looking after our clients’ interests, building relationships of trust with them, and helping them to protect, grow and control their fortunes.

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Global presence

Headquartered in Geneva, Pictet is present in 30 financial centers across the world. In Asia, we have offices in TokyoHong KongSingaporeOsakaTaipei and Shanghai.

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