Alternative investments

Discerning investors value access to unique opportunities that can achieve strong results. Pictet has harnessed alternative strategies to meet the expectations of these investors for decades.


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Our alternative investment services spanning hedge funds and private assets help diversify portfolios from traditional asset classes.

About alternative investments at Pictet

Among Europe’s leading specialists, we have been investing in, managing, and advising on alternative investment portfolios since 1989. 

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We were early to recognise that responsibly implemented private assets and hedge fund solutions would offer clients a long-term advantage.  We launched our first private equity investment in 1989 and have added private real estate, private debt and hedge funds since.

Why Pictet?

A private company ourselves, we understand private markets and believe in their potential to generate returns and support innovative businesses shaping the future. Our attention to detail, our independence and our long-term approach have brought the distinctive Pictet stability to these areas of investing. 

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