Prix Pictet: Global award in photography and sustainability

Prix Pictet: Global award in photography and sustainability

Founded in 2008 by Pictet, the Prix Pictet has become the world’s leading award for photography and sustainability. To date, there have been nine cycles of the award, each of which has highlighted a particular facet of sustainability.

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Cycles of the Prix Pictet

The partners of the Pictet Group created the Prix Pictet prize to draw worldwide attention to and stimulate action on issues of sustainability through the medium of photography. Since foundation, the Prix Pictet has focused on environmental themes: there have been nine, beginning with Water, followed by Earth, Growth, Power, Consumption, Disorder, Space, Hope, and Fire.
Water 2008

"Water" exposes early, disastrous climate change effects. These include food supply risks, health concerns and fragile ecosystem disruption, all of which jeopardise the land we live on and threaten peace and security. Our actions today will determine the future of this essential resource.

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Earth 2010

"Earth" means our planet, its soil and the marks left on the land – directly from mines, toxic waste, urban wastelands, refuse dumps and barren deserts; or indirectly from fire, flood, famine scars, natural disasters such as earthquakes, landslides, volcanoes or the migration of displaced peoples.

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Growth 2012

"Growth" is a double-edged sword and poses a major dilemma for humanity in the 21st century. Despite improving living standards and health worldwide, growth's impact on urban expansion, resource dependency, population increase and environmental consequences is a cause for concern.

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Power 2014

"Power", a compelling and paradoxical theme, embodies both hope and despair. Its importance lies in encouraging introspection on how it shapes society, influences individuals and drives change. Exploring this theme through photography unveils unique perspectives on the diverse implications of power in our world.

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Consumption 2015

"Consumption", a multifaceted theme, reflects our insatiable desires. In inventing new forms of building, industrial production, farming and energy, we exploit Earth's resources and its people. We create empires based on luxury goods, emphasising our thoughtless exploitation.

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Disorder 2016

With “Disorder”, Prix Pictet Chairman Stephen Barber noted that the natural world delicately balances order and disorder. Humanity must be aware of how our actions disrupt this equilibrium. Kofi Annan emphasised the consequences of our carbon-based addiction and the illusion of order we attempt to impose.

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Space 2017

"Space" covers diverse subjects like overpopulation, territorial disputes, pollution, cyberspace, natural disasters and wilderness preservation. The Prix Pictet prompted exceptional creativity and a wide range of photographer responses to the theme.

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Hope 2019

In the midst of adversity we see “Hope” in recycling, reforestation, rewilding, scientific advances and technological solutions. Despite the media’s negative focus, positive sustainability actions do emerge. Our resilience in adversity may be the hope for reversing our environmental damage.

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Fire 2021

Prix Pictet Chairman Stephen Barber Stephen Barber highlights "Fire" as a timely theme. With recent events like the Notre Dame inferno, Amazon rainforest fires and Australian bushfires, “Fire” represents both destruction and renewal. Misuse of this volatile element lies at the root of our environmental challenges.

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Medias releases

Prix Pictet ‘ Human’

The theme of this year's Prix Pictet is Human, with the photographers capturing the vast spectrum of human experiences, emotions, relationships, and challenges that define our collective existence.

We are thrilled to introduce the “Prix Pictet People's Choice Award”. In addition to the winner being selected by our independent jury, this year’s competition will open its doors to the public. Don’t miss the chance to cast your vote and join us in celebrating the remarkable photographers who made it to the shortlist.

The voting window closes on the last day of the exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum on 22 October 2023. The winner of the People's Choice Award will be announced online on the 23 October 2023, and will receive a prize of 10.000 Swiss francs.

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