Hedge Funds

We offer our clients access to attractive, uncorrelated income streams. Our keen understanding of risk factors seeks to give our investors the comfort of downside protection.


Why Pictet

Hedge fund strategies fit comfortably with the active management approach that is at the centre of the Pictet investment philosophy. Our clients enjoy the many benefits of hedge funds combined with our conservative approach to investment. This meticulous attitude to risk is reflected in our track record, loss ratio and longevity. We attract exceptional talent: mature individuals seeking involvement in a long-term franchise complemented by a structured approach to investment talent incubation and constant refinement of our proven manager selection process.

Hedge Funds at Pictet

  • Multi Manager

    Pictet employs a rigorous and systematic approach to external manager selection. Our multi-manager offering provides access to a wide array of strategies from proven hedge fund names: this enables us to deliver our clients bespoke solutions from across the risk-return spectrum. We have substantial experience in manager selection and take pride in worldwide partnerships built over 30 years. Our hedge fund manager selection process is exacting, and our approach to due diligence has proven its effectiveness. Our portfolio construction comes from an acute risk awareness that is deeply embedded in our values.

  • Direct: Single Strategy & Multi Strategy

    Pictet offers clients the opportunity to diversify their portfolios by investing in strategies that rely less on the market to generate performance; this is accomplished either through low correlation to markets or with managed directional exposure.

    Our single-strategy offering has been developed over the past 15 years and calls on the strengths of our in-house investment talent. Each strategy is managed by a highly focused and well-supported portfolio team. Our single-strategy offering spans market-neutral and directional equities as well as relative-value and event-driven fixed income. We have demonstrated uncommon strength in defensive strategies. 

    Pictet’s multi-strategy products have been skilfully designed to identify diverse sources of alpha. Our multi-strategy hedge funds offer an attractive combination of performance and diversification. We harness the power of compounding while prioritising capital preservation during periods of market stress. We believe in active investment and high conviction in this less constrained investment environment, but a robust risk management framework – including a conservative approach to leverage – is the foundation of all our investment strategies and management teams. We are highly vigilant on correlation between strategies.

About alternative investments at Pictet

We are one of Europe’s leading specialists and have been investing in, managing and advising on alternative investment portfolios since 1989.

  • 200+
  • 45+
    BN USD
    In assets under management
  • 12
    Investment offices
  • 30+
    Years’ experience


We recognised early on that responsibly implemented private assets and hedge fund solutions would offer clients a long-term advantage. We launched our first private equity investment in 1989 and have since added private real estate, private debt and hedge funds.

Why Pictet?

As a private company, we understand private markets and believe in their potential to generate returns and support innovative businesses shaping the future. Our attention to detail, our independence and our long-term approach have brought Pictet’s distinctive hallmark of stability to these areas of investing. 

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