Céline Rubeli

Céline Rubeli

Doing rotations across teams give a full perspective of Pictet

Graduate 2020

Role: Client Relationship Manager, Pictet Wealth Management
Based in: Zurich 

What skills are you trying to develop during your time as a graduate?

As a graduate, I would like to expand my professional expertise and grow personally to ultimately be able to provide the best possible service to clients while having a positive impact on Pictet as an organization. The graduate programme helps to take the first step on this journey in committing the time and resources to develop professional capability, self-awareness, interpersonal and leadership skills.

What part of your job excites you?

I really appreciate trying to understand how clients want to deploy their wealth and then come up with investment strategies and tailored solutions that are discussed and ultimately implemented. Providing a service is genuinely fulfilling, and being able to do so alongside passionate and savvy colleagues is even more exciting.

You started at Pictet in September 2020. What have been the highlights?

Right from the start, people were kind and open-minded, which created a unique environment for me to learn how to navigate Pictet’s systems and processes. I think that Pictet also provides the same excellence and first-class service that we try to deliver to clients on a daily basis to its employees. As such, I have been given a very warm welcome. Despite these challenging times, the graduate programme as well as onboarding sessions and random virtual coffees have been a great way to meet inspiring people and start building a network within Pictet.

How have the learning courses helped you on your graduate curriculum?

As part of the graduate programme, I am preparing for the CFA exams, which help build a sound technical foundation that can be further developed with on-the-job learnings. The graduate programme is structured to focus on technical or 'hard skills' and encourages graduates to work on their 'soft skills' as a foundation for a successful career. As part of the programme, we have regular sessions around different themes reflecting on hands-on topics from work-life (e.g. priority management, emotional intelligence etc.), which is very helpful when starting a new position.

How did your rotation go? How did it enrich your experience?

I recently started my first rotation moving from the client-side, covering the German-speaking Switzerland Market in Zurich to Geneva, rotation FX & precious metals on the Investment Platform. Doing rotations in different teams helps to gain a 360° perspective of the Bank with all its offerings and deepen the internal network further. So far, being able to do rotations has been a very enriching experience for me. It allowed me to develop personally and professionally in areas such as expanding my knowledge of technical content, offering and operational processes, working with other people directly, extending the internal network, and improving my language skills.

What do you look most forward to in the ‘new normal’?

I’ve joined Pictet in extraordinary times with many restrictions imposed on personal and professional lives. People have been working from home, teams had to split into groups due to limited office presence, and interaction with colleagues became very digital. Despite these challenges, I’ve experienced a very warm welcome. Yet, I hope that the “new normal” will not be too far from the “old normal” and that I will simultaneously experience my whole team in the office.

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