Fund administration services

Fund administration services

We cover all processes from NAV calculation (fund accounting) to maintaining shareholder registers (acting as transfer agent).

How we help clients

Our fund administration services include all processes from NAV calculation and fund accounting to maintaining shareholder registers, whether  we are acting as the solely transfer agent for clients and partners or operating as paying agent. We also offer a full range of reporting options and are able to deliver reports upon request, whether online or in hard copy.

All our fund administration services are managed in-house, ensuring that we apply consistent standards and promote our culture of risk awareness across the whole value chain. Clients always have direct access to our industry experts.

Key benefits

Alpha protection programme: protecting fund manager performance

  • Anti-dilutive measures
  • Investment at pricing point
  • Management of late trading and market timing
  • Hedging of investor's currency risk
  • Figures provided for investor's tax return
  • Anti-money laundering/Know your client (AML/KYC) risk approach

Turn to our fund administration services for:

Fund accounting

  • NAV calculation and verification
  • produce and verify tax figures

Transfer agent

  • Transfer agent register for account opening, AML/KYC and transactional monitoring
  • Booking of subscriptions/redemptions, confirmations, pre-advice cash flow, etc.
  • Booking and confirmation of corporate actions on funds and management of front-end and back-end loads
  • Ownership transfer between registrars
  • Efficient investigation and reconciliation of pending items

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