Shin Lee

A diversity advocate in Singapore

Role: Head of Pictet Asset Management’s office
Based in: Singapore
Home country: Malaysia
Joined Pictet in: 2009

Tell us more about your particular interest in diversity. Where did it take root?

"My attraction to diversity dates back to a peripatetic childhood. I was born in Malaysia, and when I was four my father took a job at an airline company in Singapore."

We got used to moving to a new place as often as every 18 months. I was eleven when my family moved to London, and I was thrilled by its multiculturalism that I could already sense despite my young age. I later returned to London to study chemical engineering at Imperial College.

You were part of Pictet Asset Management’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee for more than a year. What were its missions?

Pictet Asset Management’s Diversity & Inclusion committee was launched just over two years ago. It numbers three permanent members and a group of ten rotating colleagues selected from different countries, backgrounds and tenures within Pictet Asset Management.

The committee aims to incorporate diversity and inclusion into everyday business at all levels of the organisation. For example, we have introduced flexible working policies both in terms of part-time work as well as remote working solutions, and I was able to benefit from this after the birth of my second child.

Being a woman, engagement and retention of female talent are particularly close to my heart. I believe that having a successful career and a family should not be mutually exclusive. We need to make sure that female talent at Pictet can achieve both objectives. In addition, I believe that diversity and inclusion committees as well as improved workplace policies are important if we want to stay relevant in the workforce, to our clients, and other stakeholders.

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