Pictet Connect

Pictet Connect

Round-the-clock access to data from any computer or tablet

Online portfolio management and reporting

Online portfolio management and reporting services are available from any location, at any time, giving you the greatest possible degree of flexibility while maintaining your link with Pictet.

Investors need to have a clear and accurate overview of their assets, the transactions carried out on the accounts and the structure and performance of their portfolios. Our online application platform Pictet Connect has been designed to give investment managers and clients round-the-clock access to data from any computer or tablet with internet access.

You can check account balances, transactions or view the breakdown and performance of your portfolio. The application uses the most advanced security technology and can be customised according to your needs.

Key features

  • Portfolio access

    Your clients’ portfolios are shown in real time, irrespective of where they are held.

  • Real-time transactions

    We know you need to be able to react swiftly. With Pictet Connect you can place your orders and keep track of developments at all times.

  • Account-opening documents

    All account-opening documents are available on Pictet Connect to print in five languages (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish).

  • Financial and customised reports

    Your clients’ financial statements are always accessible in Pictet Connect in PDF format and can be easily customised.

  • Secure webmail

    You can send and receive e-mail securely through Pictet Connect. All messages are encrypted, to enable you to transfer documents or information with maximum security.

  • Online access to research

    Pictet Connect is your direct link for obtaining information from our Advisory team and Pictet’s financial research.

  • Data history

    Pictet can send you a daily report on all transactions booked the previous day, to provide you with a valuable cash management tool in addition to current-account balances.

  • Data transfer

    Pictet has developed “Piclink” files for the automatic daily transfer of data from the Pictet banking system to our clients’ IT systems. These structured files are designed to lower your costs considerably.

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