Supported projects on water

The Pictet Group Foundation’s engagement in this field aims to support similar goals as the Group’s thematic water investment strategy, which focuses on companies that help provide safe water for the growth and health of society.

An essential resource for all

  • WWF - Rivers of Food | How healthy rivers are central to feeding the world

    Pictet Group Foundation supported the study by WWF, analysing four critical components of food production that rely on rivers: freshwater fisheries and aquaculture, deltas, irrigation, and flood recession agriculture. The study highlights the considerable value that rivers provide in terms of nutrition and food security. Preserving the rich biodiversity found in and around rivers and managing the resources of these fragile ecosystems is essential, given the challenges regarding access to water and healthy nutrition.

    Find out more on WWF website

  • Water For People | Reaching Everyone Forever in Guatemala

    Water For People promotes the development of universal access to safe drinking water and sanitation services sustained by strong communities, businesses, and governments. In Guatemala, Water For People implements community managed piped water supply systems, capacity building activities for government and community partners, and improved sanitation infrastructure and hygiene education to ensure that every school, health clinic, and household has access to reliable WASH services, even in the most vulnerable and hard to reach communities.

  • SOS Mata Atlântica Foundation | Clean Rivers in Brazil

    For the past 30 years, the SOS Mata Atlântica Foundation (SOSMA) has been working to protect and restore the Mata Atlântica (Atlantic Forest), a primary forest that stretches along the coast of Brazil. One of SOSMA’s strategies is to set up water conservation schemes and improve water quality, thus making a holistic contribution to conserving and restoring a unique ecosystem which is vital to fauna, flora and human beings. The foundation recruits volunteers to monitor the quality of the rivers in the Atlantic Forest. It regularly publishes the results, to alert both the public and the government. Groups of volunteers set up local solutions to preserve rivers and improve water quality: protecting springs, sowing seeds around springs, and organising plastic collection points for community use.

  • WaterAid | Foundations for the Future in Nepal

    WaterAid was founded by British water companies in 1981 to bring sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) to the world’s poorest and most marginalised communities. Access to clean water and to decent sanitation improves health and life expectancy, keeps girls in education and unlocks the potential of entire communities. In Nepal, WaterAid aims to create a blueprint for future infrastructure and improved water security in remote and difficult terrain. WaterAid helps communities lobby their local governments to improve their service provision, while also training community members to maintain the service and pass their skills on to future generations.

  • Africa Water Solutions | Access to clean water in rural Uganda

    Africa Water Solution improves access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene infrastructures in rural communities of Uganda. Africa Water Solutions trains the local population and facilities staff (schools and health centers) to adopt best practices of hygiene, water-harvesting, handwashing and water disinfection solutions in the long run.

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