Pictet Partners in the media

Latest media interviews and articles featuring Pictet Partners

Partner opinion · 30 Jun 2023
Laurent Ramsey — Investing in the transition to a sustainable economy
Partner interview · 22 Jun 2023
Laurent Ramsey — “Private assets, ESG and Asia are key for our long-term strategy”
Partner interview · 12 Jun 2023
François Pictet — Taking a long-term approach, always on the same side as clients
Partner interview · 04 Apr 2023
François Pictet: “We're not in the business of chasing AUM”
Partner interview · 06 Feb 2023
Laurent Ramsey — A positive outlook for 2023
Partner interview · 05 Dec 2022
Elif Aktuğ — There is no alternative to alternative assets
Partner interview · 08 Nov 2022
Marc Pictet: “Europe offers plenty of opportunities”
Partner interview · 09 Sep 2022
Elif Aktuğ — The first woman to make partner at Pictet
Partner interview · 14 May 2022
Elif Aktuğ — She’s good with numbers and with people
Partner interview · 28 Feb 2022
Marc Pictet — AUM growth is only a “second priority”
Partner interview · 17 Feb 2022
Renaud de Planta — “Offer retail clients the returns of the private markets”
Partner interview · 10 Feb 2022
François Pictet — Pictet takes long-term view on investment
Partner interview · 28 Dec 2021
Organic growth, long-term approach to help fuel Pictet’s Asia expansion
Partner interview · 21 Dec 2021
Increasing impact of ESG on financial assets
Partner interview · 29 Oct 2021
Companies need to target net zero on biodiversity loss, not just climate change
Partner interview · 14 Oct 2021
Elif Aktuğ in The Financial Times
Partner interview · 16 Jun 2021
Laurent Ramsey in
Partner interview · 31 Mar 2021
Pictet’s long-term strategy, client needs and the threat of financial market instability
Partner interview · 12 Oct 2020
Laurent Ramsey in Allnews
Partner interview · 22 Jan 2020
Renaud de Planta in Finanz und Wirtschaft
Partner interview · 12 Feb 2019
Rémy Best in Private Banking Magazin
Partner interview · 05 Dec 2017
Laurent Ramsey in Fonds professionell
Partner interview · 28 Oct 2017
Laurent Ramsey in Finanz und Wirtschaft
Partner interview · 26 Oct 2017
Renaud de Planta in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung
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