Machiavelli famously said it’s better for a ruler to be feared than loved. Was he right? Or can compassionate leadership founded on kindness and respect for one’s peers still produce powerful results?

Today’s episode explores the art of leadership. To decide we’ll hear from David Marquet, author, top graduate of the US Naval Academy and submarine commander, Viv Groskop, stand-up comedian, author and coach, and Doc Horn, Pictet Asset Management’s Head of Total Return Equities.


Appearing in this episode

L. David Marquet, a top graduate of the US Naval Academy, commanded the nuclear-powered, fast-attack submarine USS Santa Fe from 1999 to 2001, transforming it from the worst-performing submarine in its fleet to the best. Since retiring from the navy, Marquet has worked with businesses nationwide as a leadership consultant. He is the author of two books on leadership: Turn The Ship Around! and Leadership Is Language.

Viv Groskop is a writer, stand-up comedian and TV and radio presenter. She has hosted book tours for Graham Norton and Jo Brand, is the veteran of four Edinburgh Fringe shows and fronts the cult podcasts Dear Viv and We Are Women. She has presented BBC Radio 4's Front Row and Saturday Review and appears regularly on BBC1's This Week. As an executive coach, she works with women across business, media and advertising, helping them to hone their authority, presence and leadership.

Doc Horn is Pictet Asset Management’s Head of Total Return Equities. Prior to joining Pictet, Doc spent 11 years at UBS O’Connor, where he was a Managing Director and the Head of Global Fundamental Market Neutral Long/Short Equity. Previously, Doc was the head of UBS O’Connor in Europe and was responsible for the Market Neutral team in Asia. He was also a Portfolio Manager focused on the global Technology, Media and Telecommunications sectors, as well as the European Industrials sector. Prior to joining O’Connor in 2006, Doc was an equity research analyst at Fulcrum Global Partners in New York. Doc holds a BSc in Finance and Accounting from Tulane University. 

Rosario Lebrija Rassvetaieff is Group New Media and Sponsoring Manager at the Pictet Group, where she hosts and produces the podcasts ‘Found in Conversation’ and ‘Prix Pictet: A lens on sustainability’. Born and raised in Mexico City, she holds a combined honours BA in Literature and International Relations (First Class) from the University of Southampton and an MSc in Communication and Media Studies (Distinction) from the London School of Economics. For more information, watch her TEDx talk ’The Future of the Image: Discover the Sublime’. 


‘Turn The Ship Around!: A True Story of Building Leaders by Breaking the Rules’ by David Marquet

‘How to Own the Room’ by Viv Groskop

‘The Prince’ by Niccoló Machiavelli

‘Top 100 Women of the Year: Indira Ghandi’, TIME 

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