Advocacy and Partnerships

Advocacy and Partnerships

Beyond adhering to the industry-leading standard established by third parties, Pictet also uses its influence to forge change.

Using our influence

For Pictet, being a responsible investor means going beyond the steps we have taken for our clients’ investments and our operations, and using our influence to enact change through advocacy and partnerships. We see this as a crucial part of our strategy because we are part of a system we need to influence. Our advocacy efforts are focused on areas which are particularly material to us, and on which we can bring expertise to provide valuable inputs to our partners.

Our advocacy partnerships

The Swiss Market

Pictet has a strong commitment to raising awareness in the Swiss market on ESG and sustainability issues, and help make it a strong centre for responsible investing.

The Environment

Beyond broad sustainability advocacy, Pictet has a strong commitment to tackling the climate crisis and the broader environmental issues caused by humans.


Whilst Pictet’s strategic focus has been on environmental issues, partly as a result of our product expertise and of scientific consensus on the global goals, societal issues have nonetheless been important in our advocacy and partnerships. 

Global frameworks, transparency and robust data

Pictet recognises the importance of supporting global frameworks that allow investors and companies alike to strive towards common goals. This is why we are an official supporter of the Paris Agreement, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the UN Global Compact and the Taskforce for Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

United Nations Principles for Responsible Banking

The United Nations Principles for Responsible Banking are a framework that serves as an important and complementary next step to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investing, signed by Pictet in 2007. The Principles for Responsible Banking focus on the types of products and solutions provided to clients and how they ultimately create value for them as well as for all other stakeholders. This framework is an essential step in the journey towards a more sustainable banking system.

Public policy and industry associations

Going beyond our advocacy, Pictet participates in the relevant industry associations. Through these memberships, Pictet takes part in relevant working groups to shape self-regulation and answer public consultations around ESG topics. Pictet staff is sometimes asked to act as experts in government working groups. Some of these associations are extremely active around ESG topics, like Swiss Banking, BVI, AMAS, and EFAMA. Pictet’s conviction is that we should increase transparency around ESG metrics in the market and align around commonly agreed metrics on which we should all report.

Biodiversity research partnership

Pictet Asset Management (Pictet AM) is a founding partner of a ground-breaking four-year global research programme geared to helping the financial industry develop strategies to protect natural capital and halt biodiversity loss.

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