Objecting to a transaction on your Debit Mastercard

Objecting to a transaction on your Debit Mastercard

Conditions governing use of the direct debit card

You can use the chargeback procedure to object to transactions on your Debit Mastercard.

Chargebacks are possible for various reasons, including where:

  • you do not receive the goods or services you paid for;
  • the goods or services prove to be defective, counterfeit or faulty (in such cases, you must send the goods back to receive a chargeback);
  • you have been charged the wrong amount or charged twice in error;
  • you have been charged a further payment after cancelling a subscription.

Chargebacks are not pos­sible where:

  • the transaction was processed using 3-D Secure;
  • the transaction took place on site via contactless or chip and PIN;
  • the prescribed deadline for the chargeback procedure (30 days from receipt of the account statement showing the transaction) has expired; the payment is for a subscription that has not been cancelled;
  • the transaction was made using a wallet (e.g. Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, etc.);
  • the objection relates to the quality of the goods or services.

The correct procedure for objecting to a transaction

  1. Contact the retailer first and try to reach an agreement directly.
  2. If you are not able to reach an agreement with the retailer, you will have to start a chargeback procedure and submit the objection form.
  3. Please note that a maximum of 15 transactions per Debit Mastercard can be challenged.
  4. Gather all available supporting documentation (e.g. emails, information on contact with the retailer, receipts, etc.) and submit this together with the objection form.
  5. You can upload the objection form and supporting documentation to www.six-group.com and your application will be processed directly by SIX.
  6. Once your documents have been successfully uploaded, SIX will send you written confirmation of receipt by email.

Please note that various parties are involved in the investigation process and it may therefore take several months before a final decision is made concerning your application. The decision to approve or reject your chargeback procedure is made in accordance with the rules of Mastercard.

Neither SIX nor the card issuer (Banque Pictet & Cie SA) are able to influence this decision. There is no guarantee that the retailer will accept the chargeback of the transaction challenged or that the card issuer will be able to credit you for the transaction challenged.


Ob­jecting to a debit card trans­ac­tion now

You can use the following link to download and complete the objection form and then submit it together with other supporting documentation on the SIX website.
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