Takuhide Hagino




Pictet Asset Management (Japan) Limited
Marunouchi Park Building
21F, 2-6-1 Marunouchi,
Tokyo 100-6921


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About Takuhide Hagino

Takuhide joined Pictet Asset Management (Japan) in 2000 with responsibilities covering mutual funds, pension fund businesses, product development and marketing.

Before Pictet he was responsible for overseas investment management businesses at a major brokerage house, where he was also seconded to the firm’s London and New York offices.

From December 2007 to May 2009 he served as a managing director at Pictet’s head office, where he was in charge of product development and marketing. In December 2011, upon his return to Japan, he was appointed President & CEO of the Tokyo office. He was also made a Group Managing Director and then an Equity Partner.

Takuhide holds a bachelor’s degree in law from Gakushuin University. He is a Chartered Member of the Securities Analysts Association of Japan and a licensed US Certified Public Accountant. He is fluent in English and Japanese.

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