Guillaume D’Assier de Boisredon


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Tel. +352 467 171 7280



Pictet & Cie (Europe) SA
15A, avenue J. F. Kennedy
1855 Luxembourg


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About Guillaume D’Assier de Boisredon

Guillaume holds a Bachelor’s degree from Brown University, USA, in Economics and International Relations.

He started his career in 1988 as an FX trader at Barclays de Zoete Wedd (now Barclays Capital) in New York and London.

Guillaume moved in 1993 to Société de Banque Suisse (now UBS) in Geneva and in 1998 to Union Bancaire Privée as FX Trader, Head of Sales and finally Head of the Advisory Desk.

In 2002, Guillaume joined Pictet where he launched the sales-trading desk “Global Market Sales” in Geneva and London. In 2016 he became Global Head of FX and Fixed Income for Pictet Trading & Sales.

Since October 2020, Guillaume Heads Pictet Trading & Sales (Europe) in Luxembourg and is global coordinator of institutional sales outside of Switzerland.

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