Our approach

Financial planning involves compiling a comprehensive picture of the current state of your assets and wealth, and, depending on your lifestyle and taking due account of your lifetime plans, making projections as to how your assets and wealth might evolve in the future.

Financial planning answers questions such as:

  • Early or normal retirement: how will it work financially?
  • 2nd Pillar: should I take the pension, a lump sum or mix of both?
  • Taxes: how can I optimise them?
  • Property: buying, financing and the tax consequences.
  • Life insurance: pros and cons
  • Gifts: what do they mean for my finances?
  • Business: the impact of selling or handing down my business

In order to answer all these questions and devise solutions for each, we create a financial plan looking at several topics, such as 2nd-Pillar occupational pension cover, the possibility of topping up your account, the decision on whether to take out an annuity and/or a lump-sum, whether you should consider taking out a life-insurance policy, tax
considerations associated with buying property and taking out a mortgage, and, for business-owners, the impact of passing on or selling their business. Once a clear overview has been established, a report summarising your financial circumstances is drafted, and we start discussions to draw up a risk profile to be applied when managing your assets and wealth.

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