Tied individual retirement savings (3rd Pillar A)

If you’d like to open a tied individual retirement saving account (3rd Pillar A), please follow the steps outlined below:

Determine your investor profile

To choose the portfolio that best suits your circumstances, you first have to determine your “risk appetite” or tolerance to fluctuations in the value of your assets, and the expected duration of your investment.

Questionnaire: client profile

Choose a portfolio or allocation

You are free to allocate the retirement savings capital to one or more of the six available portfolios.

If you are willing to incur risks, you might
prefer a portfolio with a higher percentage of equities. You could achieve greater capital appreciation, provided that you are able to withstand potentially higher fluctuations from one year to another.

The chart shows which portfolio(s) might best meet your investment goals.

Pay in the amounts you wish

You are free to decide how much and how often
you pay in, although such payments are capped according to the maximum tax-deductible amount each year. You may also transfer into your account held with our foundation some or all of the capital vesting with another institution offering tied retirement saving possibilities.

Investment portfolios


You attach considerable importance to preserving your capital and to security.

LPP/BVG-Short-Mid Term Bonds


You seek an attractive performance but want to limit the risk of depreciation in the amount of your capital.



You want to diversify your investments and can readily accept price fluctuations.



You are looking for a portfolio that seeks to earn an absolute return in all market conditions.

LPP/BVG-Multi Asset Flexible


You want to invest your capital so that it achieves the highest performance possible for the risks involved.



You are looking to maximize the performance of your investment and are prepared to take significant risks.


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