The Pictet Group

Managing wealth and assets for private and institutional clients has been our exclusive focus for more than two centuries

Financial report for the half-year ended 30 June 2015

Message from the Partners

As an independent partnership, we are under no pressure to maximise short-term returns for shareholders. We manage our clients’ assets to create value over the longer term.

The Pictet Group today

Established in Geneva since 1805, Pictet is a private bank specialised in asset and wealth management, attracting discerning private clients and leading financial institutions from around the world.

Pictet Group - Sustainability and corporate citizenship

Corporate citizenship and sustainability

While our first and final duty is to our clients, everything we do entails responsibilities towards our employees, our communities and the world in which we invest and live. Our sense of responsibility has contributed to and arises from our long history of stability and continuity.

Pictet Group - Global presence

Swiss group with international reach

The Pictet Group has a presence worldwide, with 26 representative offices, subsidiaries and branches in financial centres around the world. Of these, Pictet has custodian banks in Geneva, Luxembourg, Nassau and Singapore and has been headquartered in Geneva since its foundation.

Pictet Group - History of Pictet

The origins of the Pictet Group

On 23 July 1805, two young men in their twenties, together with three partners, signed a scripte de société  in Geneva. Eventually this partnership evolved into the Group known today as Pictet.